The Record Shop is a small business. We pride ourselves both on our relationships with clients and on our expertise in music & live sound. Our business plan and goals do not include booking up every event that we can, but rather finding clients that are looking for a unique, rewarding experience.


Tim Wealton

Owner & DJ

Besides owning and operating the Record Shop, Tim is a special education teacher in the western suburbs of Chicago. Having been trained, before teaching, in live sound equipment and audio engineering, and having worked professionally in both the sports and music radio industries, Tim brings a pervasive understanding of the technical aspects of providing your event with a fantastic soundtrack.

Tim founded The Record Shop after years of wanting to work as a mobile DJ. After stepping away from the radio industry full-time, Tim still wanted to keep one foot in that door.

“I had been to SO many weddings where the DJ is just ruining the event. You can be on a packed dance floor and the next song comes on and bam… the dance floor empties. Or they’re on the microphone introducing songs in some weird, game show host voice and it just kills the vibe. This just seemed like such a natural fit to me and so far it has been very successful. When creating the business plan for The Record Shop, I wanted to clients to remember the music, not the DJ. We create a soundtrack for your event, we have fun while we’re doing it, and I can’t be more excited about the direction the business is heading in.”

“My parents raised me on all different kinds of music growing up, allowing me to learn and appreciate the nuances of countless styles. My personal library includes stuff from James Taylor to Ludacris to The Beatles to Boyz II Men. I truly enjoy putting together sets of great music that cater to the taste of our clients. I started this business because I didn’t want to totally leave music behind. Plus, I get to attend a bunch of awesome dance parties.”



Chris Flynn


sound make him a great DJ.

By day, Chris Flynn sells and designs professional audio systems. By night, you can find him somewhere in the city of Chicago, usually bringing his distinctive dance moves and engaging personality to the general public. He has been writing and performing music for the last 18 years. He graduated from Illinois State University with a degree in radio production, which only furthered his understanding of all types of music.

An entertainer at heart, Chris loves to perform and rock the house. With three audio design certifications through Synergetic Audio Concepts, Chris is well prepared to make any venue sound great. A self-diagnosed audiophile, Chris’s knowledge of music and live sound make him a great DJ.

“I really understand the technical aspect of our equipment, giving you and your guests the chance to really enjoy some great music. We use JBL Power Amplifiers because they are the last true speaker manufacturer left in the world. Every component they make has been torture tested for 100 hours to be certified worthy of the JBL name. Our Pioneer DJ controller is the best piece of mobile DJ equipment that money can buy. Our dual channel AKG wireless microphones will perfectly relay that special toast to all of your family and friends. All together our setup will make even the biggest critic tap their foot.”